Friday, December 21, 2007

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Traditions from ECFE Families

From ECFE Families to Yours:

Besides gifts, what traditions do you have at holiday time that children enjoy?

·        Read Christmas Books
·        10 Days of Giving - Each Child Got a Bag
·        Bake Cookies with Children Giving Them Easy Tasks
·        Make Candy
·        Drive Around and Look at All the Lights
·        Listen to Christmas music
·        Decorate the Tree Together
·        Sledding: St. Mary's, Valley Oaks Park, WE Valley, Holzinger Lodge, Your Backyard
·        Gift from the  Giving Tree – Shop Together
·        Wrap Old Christmas Books – Unwrap and Read a Different One Each Night
·        Visiting with Family
·        Sing Christmas Songs
·        Bundle Up and Go Outside
·        Make Ornaments with Pictures
·        Simplify and Relax

Friday, December 7, 2007

Early Childhood Family Education - Winona

Early Childhood Family Education
Chris Overhaug, Coordinator
5100 W 9th Street, Winona MN
507-494-0913 (office)

What is ECFE?
*ECFE is a Winona Area Public Schools, Community Education program for all families
with children from birth up to kindergarten.
*ECFE offers weekly classes and special events for parents and their children.
*ECFE is a fun place to learn and play in an informal setting and to meet other parents
and children.

What are ECFE classes like?
*All classes begin with parent child activities where parents and children play together in
the early childhood room.
*Parents move to the parent room, facilitated by a licensed parent educator where they
will meet other parents, ask questions and share parenting ideas. Children play in the
early childhood room guided by a licensed early childhood teacher. They will make new
friends and enjoy art activities, music, gym time and snack.
*In baby and toddler classes, parents do not separate from their children. The baby group
is held in the parent education room and the toddler group is held in the early childhood

ECFE Welcomes ALL Families!
The Mission of ECFE is to educate, empower, and support all families by supporting parents as their child's first teacher, by offering information about child development and parenting techniques, and by giving children opportunities to discover and learn.

Term 2 classes still available

Just for Babies and Toddlers
Non-separating classes
Baby and Me
Babies sure bring joy and big changes to families. Join us for a weekly class for infants, 0-12 months, to explore topics relating to those bundles of joy! This is a relaxing and informative class. You can ask all your baby questions and we'll share ideas with you about building a solid base for your family. We'll also sing songs and play baby games. Sibling care is available, please request with registration.
1:30-3 PM
Parent Education Room 103

Toddler Gym Night
If you want a special time to bring your toddler to the gym, come join us on the dates listed below. Parents and toddlers 12-36 months are invited to drop in for an evening of active play. Just drop in, no registration is required. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for your toddler. This class meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.
5:30-7 PM
Early Childhood Gym Room 107

Extreme Parenting NEW
The class, based on the book, "Even June Cleaver Would Forget the Juice Box", offers a way out of the perfect parenting race. We will learn strategies to follow your gut connect with other parents and curb our need to over protect, over perfect or over produce. "Even June Cleaver Would Forget the Juice Box" by Ann Dunnewold

11/7/07-1/16/08 Term 2
9-11 AM
Early Childhood Room 106

Call 507-494-0913 for class availability or if you have any questions about ECFE.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007



The Winona Area Public School District has scheduled the Institute for Environmental Assessment to be in our district with a Niton X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer on December 19 and 20 to identify toys containing lead. Toys identified as containing lead will be labeled and separated for disposal.

If parents would like to have their children’s toys inspected and tested for lead, they can bring them to Winona Senior High School, 901 Gilmore Ave., Winona MN 55987 between the hours of 5-8, PM on December 19, 2007 and December 20, 2007.

For more information, please contact Bill O’Laughlin, Director of Winona Area Public Schools Buildings and Grounds at 507-494-0870 or e-mail

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

WCDCPA Training This Saturday!

What Makes Them Tick?      Sat Dec 8th  9-11am @ Timber’s

Do you often wonder how two children can be so different?  Are some of the children in your care easy going, while others are stubborn and strong-willed?  Is one child’s insistence at having her clothing “just so” driving you over the edge?  Do you have some children who thrive on routine and others  who live for adventure?  There are many factors that shape a child’s personality, and this class, based largely on research by parenting expert Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, will look at a few of those, including in-born temperament, characteristics of introverts and extraverts, and provide ideas for accommodating those unique in-born aspects of a child’s personality.  We will also spend a few minutes examining your personality type, and how that can shape your relationships with your children, as well.

Call Carolyn Goree to sign up at 458-0015

Come early for the Breakfast buffet -at your cost-

$10 for non-members and as always FREE to members


Monday, December 3, 2007

Breakfast with Santa

Merchants Bank (102 E 3rd) will be holding a Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, December 8, from 9 to 11 in the employee lounge. The breakfast is free to families who bring a bag of groceries for the Ten Days of Giving; otherwise the charge is $2 per person.


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