Tuesday, August 25, 2009

creekside community playground

Last week I had the privilege to check out the new Creekside Community Playground in Rushford. Now, I understand that this blog is about things to do in our beloved WINONA, but hear me out, Rushford really isn't that far away from Winona. And I know your kids are going bonkers. Its almost the end of summer.
School supplies: purchased.
School shoes: waiting by the front door.
Aquatic Center: getting a little tired.
First day of school: can't come quick enough.

When a friend of mine suggested we take the kids to Creekside Community Playground in Rushford for a picnic, I was excited to get out of town, but wondering what the fuss was all about. I was pleasantly surprised. Apart from the fact that the weather could not have been more perfect the day we decided to go, the drive is short and gorgeous, and this park is brand new. And best of all, there is not ONE OUNCE of the dreaded pea gravel that plagues many parks in Winona. That is reason enough for me to travel to Seattle to play.
This park is not only brand new, but was built by the community of Rushford after their small town literally became an attraction akin to those at the Shedd Aquarium. The word on the street is that the children of Rushford helped to redesign it. And they did a pretty good job. There are lots and lots of play structures to play on, all quite safe, and many shady or sunny places to sit and watch the kids play. There are lots of different places to have a picnic; tables galore.
After us moms had talked ourselves out, and the kids had played till their heart's content, we scooted over to the Creamery for scoops of delicious ice cream. The Creamery might not be as schnazzy as a Coldstone, but the ice cream was yummy, the service was super, and the price was just right. (You can also get pizza there, but we opted for a picnic in the park.)
For a fun "summer's almost over" outing, head over to Rushford and check out their Park. You won't be dissapointed!

To get there, hop on 90 and take the Rushford exit. After a short drive, the park is about the first thing you'll see on the left. (How's that for some small town directions?)

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